For a tropical drink with a refreshing flavor, this Pineapple Mojito is both sweet and sour with fresh lime juice, pineapple juice, and mint leaves mixed with coconut rum.

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Pineapple Mojito is a tropically flavored, sweet and refreshing cocktail, made with fresh pineapple, rum, mint, and pineapple juice."

Use fresh ingredients

With fresh lime, pineapple juice, and mint leaves, you get intense flavor to make this drink outstanding. 

Sweet and tangy

You can use as much simple syrup as you want to make your Mojito as sweet as you like or add more lime for extra tanginess.

Sprite or club soda

If you want an even sweeter beverage, use Sprite instead of club soda. And you can change the rum to make your favorite flavor too!

For a refreshing adult beverage that is both sweet and tangy, try this Mojito. Or leave out the rum and make it a virgin Mojito.

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