Matcha is a green tea rich in antioxidants ground into a powder to drink. Mixed with coffee and milk, this Dirty Matcha Latte is a great pick-me-up to get you going.

Let’s get started!

This beverage combines two popular drinks: coffee and matcha, for a delicious boost."

Use fresh ingredients

You will need freshly ground matcha powder and your favorite espresso or coffee for this delicious caffeine boost.

Matcha powder

Begin with a matcha base, sifted to remove the clumps. Whisk in hot water until you have a creamy and frothy layer on top.

Espresso for the strong brew

Make a cup of coffee or espresso to mix with your matcha. Espresso will make a nice rich flavor or you can have a milder cup of coffee.

Add ice

For a cold cup of latte, add some ice cubes and then pour in the coffee. Or leave out the ice for a hot matcha latte.

Froth the milk

Froth the milk until it is creamy and add it to the glass before adding the matcha for a rich and creamy drink. 

Get your caffeine fix with both tea and coffee in this drink and make it as strong as you like. You can have it cold or hot and add some whipped cream too!

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